Cold Lake First Nations Tourism Survey

Cold Lake First Nation’s Economic Development and Lands and Resources departments are currently looking at how CLFN could start some tourism businesses.

This could include both band-owned and CLFN member-owned businesses.

The type of tourism people see in the area today is very different than what CLFN is considering. The type that CLFN is considering  would be low impact tourism that focuses on the land and on CLFN’s culture, history and knowledge.

This could provide a good opportunity for CLFN to share its stories and history with visitors and local people. These are growing areas of tourism that look like they could be good ideas in the region because they include things like guided tours, sale of art, and other opportunities that CLFN could engage with.

Accommodation developments such as camp grounds and cabins with lake access are being discussed. The team has some ideas on the types of businesses that might work to expand CLFN’s businesses into this area.

Click below to participate in a survey that will help us better understand how community members feel about expanded tourism efforts. Please include your name and phone number in the comment box of question one to be eligible to win one nights stay at the Waterfront Harbour Bed and Breakfast in Cold Lake and a $150.00 Gift Certificate from Canadian Tire!