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Capital Management

The Capital Management Department (SSD) of Cold Lake First Nations is responsible for housing, public works and infrastructure. This includes the management of band buildings, water, sewer, roads, fire and emergency services, and disaster preparedness. The focus of the Department is to ensure CLFN infrastructure is well-maintained, that quality public infrastructure services and utilities are available to members, and that the Nation is prepared to respond to emergencies and disasters.

Department Purpose

  • Maintain and build quality infrastructure that meets the needs of residents.
  • Manage, maintain and upgrade housing stock.
  • Deliver quality utility services to residents.
  • Maintain roads.
  • Emergency services.
  • Disaster preparedness.

Programs and Services

Disaster Preparedness Planning

Developing disaster response plans and coordinating disaster preparedness training programming for members as well as collaborating with neighboring municipalities on disaster response planning.

Housing Program

Manage housing stock including new builds, maintenance, renovations, additional renovations and maintenance supports for elders, Section 95 housing rebuilds, and making recommendations on housing allocations.

Public Works

Manage all band infrastructure including band buildings, water, sewer, and roads:

  • Maintenance and renovations to new buildings;
  • Collection of information and data;
  • Water delivery, maintenance of water lines, cistern and septic servicing and installation;
  • Regional water line expansion;
  • Serve on water commission for Town of Cold Lake;
  • Lagoon design and maintenance;
  • Solid waste removal including regular pick-ups.
    • Half of homes are serviced by CLFN, with the remainder serviced by Seven Lakes contractor. The Nation is currently working with the Federal government to examine the feasibility of managing waste removal through a partnership with Seven Nations.
  • Road maintenance including culverts, road repair and grading, lot clearing, mulching and ditching.
Grant Applications and Fund Management
Fire Services

The Department maintains fire and emergency response equipment including a fire truck, provides fire response services, and conducts controlled burns to reduce fire risk.

Risk Management

Conduct an annual insurance review of all buildings to ensure risk is adequately managed.

Land Development

Work with Economic Development and Lands and Resource Management on land development initiatives. Assist Economic Development with accessing funding for energy efficiency initiatives such as solar panels, building retrofits, and energy efficient homes.


The Cold Lake First Nations’ (CLFN) Housing Department strives to enhance and improve the quality of on-reserve housing for CLFN members. We work to improve and sustain the Housing Program through effective collaboration and engagement with CLFN members.

With many projects continually scheduled, we stay abreast of viable building solutions to meet our members diverse needs. With over 300 homes and facilities to service, our commitment to housing construction and maintenance is a primary concern.

Building a better quality of life for our community members and their families. Contact our Housing Department to learn more.

Public Works

CLFN Public Works Department is always on the move. Our Public Works Department Maintains the quality of life for our band members and operates several divisions and services for the benefit of Cold Lake First Nations.

These services are provided year-round to over 300 homes and public works buildings. The Public Works Department is always behind the scene and prepared and available to ensure water, sewer, and other services for the buildings, properties, and the people of the Cold Lake First Nations

Our Public Works Department is reliable and dependable and always behind-the-scenes to address, repair and maintain the many daily needs of our community. This department is responsible for the many things we take for granted on a daily basis.

Emergency Services

When dangers are presented, CLFN Emergency Services is poised and expertly prepared to handle rescue and recovery demands. Our highly trained firefighters and response teams provide emergency response service to our band members and the local community.

We are continuously learning new techniques to stay current on rescue and recovery technologies and provide training and support to our emergency services team and staff. We collaborate with surrounding community emergency services, when required, to keep our community safe.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 1769 | Cold Lake, AB | T9M 1P4
Phone: 780-594-7183 | Fax: 780-594-3577

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