CLFN Comprehensive Community Plan

CLFN Comprehensive Community Plan

Come together to tell stories and develop a vision for the future of CLFN.

We are developing a Comprehensive Community Plan to provide CLFN with a road map for the future of the Nation. The Comprehensive Community Plan will be driven and “owned” by CLFN members whose input will inform the long-term vision and success of CLFN in the future. The Comprehensive Community Plan will be developed alongside the CLFN Lands Plan. This plan will inform direction taken by Chief and Council in the future in accordance with the vision of CLFN members. Comprehensive community planning takes a holistic approach to community planning and includes all facets of the community.

The Comprehensive Community Plan, once finished can:

  • Inspire the Community: To work towards a common future vision.
  • Increase Efficiency: Create a plan of action that utilizes all members in the community the best way possible.
  • Strengthen Administration: Improve internal communications, improve management of staff and skill sets.
  • Map Future Development: Use identified priorities to plan to address future community development and infrastructure needs.
  • Preserve Resources: Identify and protect valuable traditions, areas, values and practices.
  • Celebrate Culture and Traditions: Throughout the planning process, and through action items identified through the CCP.
  • Promote Reconciliation: Address painful community issues together, by establishing a community vision and working towards achievement of this vision.
  • Create Economic Opportunities: Identify economic opportunities to promote investment and growth in the region.

Planning Process

Phase One: Project Initiation
  • CLFN members will be made aware of the project and upcoming engagement opportunities.
Phase Two: Evaluate CLFN’s Current State
  • First Open House on CLFN Engagements
  • Background information will be gathered on CLFN’s current state and Land use planning engagements
Phase Three: Planning the Future of CLFN
  • The majority of engagement will happen in this phase. This includes:

A Community Survey

Community Workshops

  • Youth
  • Elders
  • On/Off Reserve Members

Community Visioning Sessions

Phase Four: Develop and Validate CLFN’s Comprehensive Community Plan
  • The Comprehensive Community Plan will be written, taking into consideration all member input.
Phase Five: Comprehensive Community Plan Acceptance and Implementation
  • Comprehensive Community Plan will be presented to the community and Chief and Council
  • Actions will be determined to move CLFN towards it’s desired future state.

Get Involved

To have a Comprehensive Community Plan that reflects the values and priorities of the Nation, we need everyone to participate in the process!

There will be many ways to provide your input. You can start by letting people you know that we have launched the planning process.

Check back for upcoming dates of our next community engagement sessions.

Read the CCP Newsletter to stay informed:

And the #MYCLFNS winner is….

Big Congrats to Monica Janvier who took home our Grey Cup Prize pack! Monica entered the #MYCLFNS contest by attending one of our Comprehensive Community Planning Workshops. Big thanks to all of our members who attended our November workshops, or provided online social media submissions to help us capture a greater vision for our community. Please keep an eye out for future engagement sessions.

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