Access Committee Open Call for Candidates

Cold Lake First Nations’ Lands and Resources Department is seeking enthusiastic and knowledgeable CLFN members who care about their Community, the Land, and, their Treaty and Indigenous rights to sit on an advisory group called the  Access Committee.  The Access Committee includes representatives from CLFN Council, Administrative personnel and technicians, and has up to six seats designated for CLFN members from the community at large. Access Committee provides advice, input and recommendations on matters related to the Lands and Resources Department’s mandate and operations. The Access Committee meets at least once a month, but members may also participate in additional meetings as needed. The term of appointment is one year. Participation is voluntary and an honorarium will be provided to participants who are not CLFN Council or staff/technicians. An Oath of Confidentiality is required.


  • Communicate respectfully, openly and honestly;
  • Always have the best interests of CLFN (now and future generations) in mind;
  • Attend meetings punctually, sending regrets in advance for any necessary absence;
  • Prepare for meetings by pre-reading the agenda, documents and emails provided before the meeting;
  • Participate fully in meetings by giving their full attention, considering with respect all opinions offered, and communicating concisely, and contributing positively to the discussion; and,
  • Ensure any information identified as sensitive or confidential is treated and maintained as such.


Knowledge and experience related to any of these areas: hunting, berry picking, fishing, etc.; CLFN history, language and culture; treaty and Indigenous rights; environment; oil and gas development; employment/contracting; issues important to CLFN citizens. Only Cold Lake First Nations members will be considered for appointment to the Access Committee.


Individuals wishing to serve on an LRD advisory committee must complete and submit an expression of interest form by Feb. 28. Here is a link to the form:

You can also get a copy of the form at the CLFN Administration Building front desk.  Fill it out and email it to:  or drop it off at the CLFN Administration Building front desk, attention to: Lands and Resources Department, Advisory Committees.

If you have questions or require assistance please contact:

Aprildawn Janvier, Community Engagement Coordinator


Cell: 780-545-9528