Drilling Rig Move

Notice to Community
Drilling Rig Activity I.R. 149
Please be advised that a drilling rig will be moving on to I.R. 149 (“Le Goff”) early next week, most likely on Monday, June 5, to an existing well pad at 06-15-061-02W4M. The rig will enter the south side of I.R. 149 from Highway 897 and move north along the Frog Lake Road. It will then turn east and follow the road past house numbers 580, 585, 591, 591 and 592, after which it will turn south onto the oil field road that goes to 06-15-061-02W4M. The drilling rig will be on-site for approximately 20 days to drill two new wells from the existing surface pad. An environmental monitor from the Nation will be on-site during these activities.
Please notify the CLFN Lands and Resources Department if there are any concerns:
• Terri Kutt: 780-815-0977
• April Dawn Janvier: 780-545-9528
• Nicole Nicholls: 780-227-6778