Preserving Denesułine Culture, Land Use, and Traditional Ways

Lands and Resources

The Lands and Resources Department was recently restructured from the Consultation Department in order broaden its scope from just consultation. Lands and resources still handles all of the formal consultation processes that the nation engages on with both industry and government. In these processes, the department often works with members who are directly impacted by development and with land users to ensure that it is able to effectively communicate the impacts that decisions may have on people.

Lands and resources also contains the 4 Wing Liaison role where we work closely with DND on issues related to the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range. Our records management office keeps copies of all correspondence with industry and government as well as manages all of the Traditional Land Use information collected over time by CLFN. With it’s new broader focus, the department is looking at new strategies such as forest management plans to achieve the Nation’s goals. In addition, it works proactively on issues such as Climate change to maximize benefit for the nation through grants and programs available from outside entities.

Purpose of the lands and resources department:

  • Protection of Denesułine’ Indigenous, Treaty and Aboriginal Rights
  • Preserve Denesułine Cultural, Land Use and Traditional Ways
  • Ensure Dene Ni Nenne Stewardship
  • Ensure Denesułine Membership Involvement in Consultation and Land Activities within Dene Ni Nenne
  • Improve Relationships and Understanding among Entities involved with Dene Ni Nenne
  • Uphold CLFN’ “A livelihood for a livelihood” philosophy

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