2021 Memorial Calendar Available Now

The Cold Lake First Nations Memorial Calendar is a community project that memorializes elders and loved ones who have passed on.

This year’s calendar titled “Selot’ine” (my relatives) is available for pick up at the Cold Lake First Nations Band Office and a print at home version is available here.

The Memorial Calendar relies solely on the contribution of the Cold Lake First Nations community. To continue the calendar for 2022 we require continued contribution from our members.

If you would like a professionally printed copy of the 2021 calendar mailed directly to you, we kindly request that you provide us with a clear picture of a family member from CLFNS, that has passed on. Your contribution aides in the development of future calendars and community historical projects.

Please email complete mailing address, photo, full name of the person in the photo and a short story of the person to .

We thank you for your understanding and your contributions, with continued community support we hope to grow this project and create a digital archive of our history, our family and selot’ine.