A Community Led Project to Rename LeGoff School Has Begun

Cold Lake First Nations has embarked on a new project to rename LeGoff School and to hold a new logo contest.

LeGoff School was named after Father LeGoff, the first priest assigned to the main reserve established in the early 1900’s. (#149) In 1908 the Catholic Church exchanged one square mile at #149 (LeGoff) for a fish camp adjacent to the town of Cold Lake and that became #149 A. Later in 1915, English Bay Reserve (#149 B) was added to complete a three sister First Nations. The main reserve #149 contained the administrative office and school; the community was referred to as LeGoff.


LeGoff Day School was established at that time, run by the Catholic Church similar to Residential Schools.

Beginning in 1969 and lasting till 1970, Band Members of the Cold Lake First Nations began a year long sit-in protest at the HQ of Indian Affairs to demand a new school to replace the dilapidated LeGoff Day School. They were successful in pressing the Federal Government to follow through with the Treaty Right to a School House and Teacher on the Nation (Education).

In 1973, a new school was built and the name, LeGoff School was assigned without any consultation with community members at the time.

The current LeGoff School will be 50 years old this year and efforts to build a new school is under way.

The renaming of the current building would then be transferred over to the new one, along with a new logo. This community driven project is a joint effort of CLFN Leadership, LeGoff School, CLFN Communications Dept., Denesuline Language Dept. and CLFN Community Members.

All suggestions must include detailed reasoning behind the chosen entry.

To submit a name for consideration, please complete this submission form and email your suggestion to

Project Timeline:

It is proposed that there be Three Phases to the Renaming and Logo Project.

Phase 1: January to March, 2023

  • Invitation of Name suggestions from Cold Lake First Nations Band Members
  • -Provide online forms for renaming suggestions and reasons from Members on CLFN Website, Facebook, lnstagram and other media.
  • Establish a Selection Committee consisting of Leadership, LeGoff School, Elder, Language Dept and Community Member Selection of five finalists should be completed by April 30th, 2023. A final vote will then be held to select the final winner.

Phase 2:

  • Announcement of the new School name by May 7th,2023 using all media. Chief and Council BCR approving of the name change.
  • Logo contest begins and will conclude by June 30th, 2023.
  • Selection Committee choose the winning logo.

Phase 3:

  • Unveiling of the winning logo at Treaty Days. Award prizes to the winner of renaming and logo.
  • Announcements on all media.

This project is community led and reflects on our Nation moving forward into the Third Circle while still acknowledging our vast history.