Cold Lake First Nations Hosts Treaty No. 6 Gathering

The English Bay Treaty Grounds was the venue at which CLFN and The Confederacy of Treaty Six hosted hundreds of visitors from across Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Important issues were discussed, and meaningful information was shared over the course of the event; July 17th, 18th and 19th.

Purpose of Meeting:

Since the entering into Treaty No. 6 in 1876 and subsequent adhesions the Sovereign Nations whose ancestors agreed to the sharing of the lands with the newcomers many changes have occurred that have not been positive nor productive to the Indigenous peoples of the First Nations of Treaty No. 6. In these modern times, many if not the majority of our First Nations still suffer from actions and decisions made by foreign governments – federally and provincially.

Chief Martial called for a meeting of all of the Treaty No. 6 First Nations to have a round of discussions on topics that impact each First Nations, to share information and/or positions and come to collective consensus in moving forward a Treaty based position on each issue. It is the hope that Treaty No. 6 will come together in a good way with positive outcomes in driving the Treaty agenda forward.

Special thanks to our key speakers, and discussion leaders:

Treaty Right to Health – The Medicine Chest: Mr. John Janvier and Mr. Eldon Okanee
Treaty Right to Education: Mr. Bruce Cutknife and Ms. Sherri Chisan
Treaty Implementation: Mr. Sol Sanderson and Mr. Eric Tootoosis
NRTA: Mr. Rarihokwats
Economic Development: Mr. Victor Buffalo
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Dr. Wilton Littlechild, IPC
Beyond the Indian Act: Mr. Leon Whitstone and Ms. Regena Crowchild
Co-Chairs: Mr. Dean Janvier of the Cold Lake First Nations and Mr. Ron Lameman of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation
Prayers:  Elder John Minoose, Elder Ivy Rain, Elder Cecil Crier
Opening Remarks and Closing Comments: Chief Bernice Martial