Laying the Groundwork

Public Works

CLFN Public Works Department is always on the move. Our Public Works Department Maintains the quality of life for our band members and operates several divisions and services for the benefit of Cold Lake First Nations.

These services are provided year-round to over 300 homes and public works buildings. The Public Works Department is always behind the scene and prepared and available to ensure water, sewer, and other services for the buildings, properties, and the people of the Cold Lake First Nations

Our Public Works Department is reliable and dependable and always behind-the-scenes to address, repair and maintain the many daily needs of our community. This department is responsible for the many things we take for granted on a daily basis.

Areas of Service

    • Road Maintenance
    • Water Treatment and Distribution
    • Waste Water Management Sewer and Septic
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Fire Prevention and Safety
    • Emergency Management
    • And much more…

Contact Us

P.O. Box 1769 | Cold Lake, AB | T9M 1P4
Phone: 780-594-7183 | Fax: 780-594-3577

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