Statement on Wildfire on Cold Lake First Nations

For Immediate Release
May 05, 2023
UPDATE: Wildfire On Cold Lake First Nations
At approximately 3:28 pm on Thursday, May 4, 2023, a fire was reported on Cold First Nations 149 (LeGoff), prompting swift action from local fighting officials. By 4:30 pm, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) had commenced the notification of nearby residences to initiate an evacuation. Despite the efforts of local crews, the fire raged out of control, necessitating an emergency evacuation order.
When faced with the gravity of the situation, the authorities promptly contacted the Alberta Forestry service for additional support. Regrettably, their availability was constrained due to their involvement in another ongoing emergency. However, the situation improved when the wind conditions changed, which allowed the local fire fighting crews to successfully contain the fire.
We are pleased to report that the evacuation of approximately 40 homes has been carried out efficiently and with the utmost care, and we are grateful to report that there have been no injuries or loss of occupied homes associated with this incident.
For more Information, please contact:
Cold Lake First Nations
Rick Janvier, Band Administrator