Connecting Members with Employment Opportunities

Employment and Training

Cold Lake First Nations Employment and Training Department is focused on increasing employment for the people of Cold Lake First
Nations who are employment ready, by providing training programs targeted to job opportunities that are in high demand. We offer employment counseling and career planning services; we assist with résumé building and the job application process. Where eligible, we provide financial assistance for workforce placement, equipment, tools and required job training.

The Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy provides funding to Aboriginal organizations to support: The costs of programs, services and other activities undertaken by those organizations which are designed to increase the participate in the Canadian labour market of the Aboriginal people served by those organizations.

Department Purpose

  • Help Nation members achieve long-term career success.
  • Provide clients with a high standard of services.
  • Work with other Departments to fulfill the employment requirements identified within the Administration and Band-owned enterprises.
  • Remove barriers to employment through training and support services.

Programs and Services

Employment and Career Counselling:

Working with clients to identify employment goals and a path to employment. Supports provided include referrals, referring and connecting clients with employers, advocating for clients, and providing follow-ups to clients.


Clients are provided with an assessment to determine which career paths are most suitable for the client based on interest and current skill levels.

Financial Assistance:

Assisting clients with accessing financial assistance for employment training programming. Clients can apply for financial assistance for tuition, living allowance and other training opportunities.

Project-Based Training:

The department organizes training for members that can assist them with gaining employment. Examples of such training includes the Hospitality/Food and Beverage Program that is delivered in partnership with Portage College, Primco Dene, the Marriott Hotel and Casino Dene to assist members with training for employment at Nation owned businesses and other hospitality and food and beverage opportunities.

Summer Student Program:

Fund wages for summer students to work with different community owned businesses and for the administration. The program also includes leadership training, cultural and historical training, community awareness and other educational opportunities. Summer Students are required to support Treaty Days where they assist with planning and carrying out event activities.

Career Fairs and Info Sessions:

Hosting info sessions for career and training opportunities; job fairs; and hosting networking events.

Employment Insurance Advocacy:

Supporting clients with accessing EI benefits.

Follow-up Supports:

Providing ongoing follow-ups to clients to ensure they are able to access their training supports and transition into employment.

Corrections Canada:

Work with Corrections Canada to find placements to allow individuals to pay off amounts owing. The Department works with them to develop a return to schooling and employment plan.

Employment Resources:

Providing members with resources such as a job board, computer for creating and updating resumes, job search, applications etc.


Funding for Safety Tickets and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required.

Targeted Outcomes

  • Increase employment of members.
  • Maintain 10% or better employment rate for on-reserve members.
  • Attain over 90% employment rate for those that are funded through programming offered.

Service Standards

  • We provide to members of Cold Lake First Nations.
  • Our employees are knowledgeable and helpful, and will make sure you get what you need.
  • We let you know when you should expect a decision on entitlement to services or benefits, and, if you qualify, when your first payment will arrive.
  • We report on our results.
  • We give you the right to appeal any decisions and advice on the appeal process.
  • We have the right to refuse service when we are being threatened or are experiencing abusive behavior/language.


  • First Nations member living on or off reserve within the TCETSA Geographical service catchment area.
  • Be a resident in and around the Tribal Chiefs Venture region of Treaty 6, or the geographical service area:
    • Kehewin Cree Nation
    • Beaver Lake Cree Nation
    • Cold Lake First Nation
    • Frog Lake First nation
    • Heart Lake First Nation
    • Whitefish Lake First Nation #128 (Goodfish)
  • Be unemployed, under-employed (unable to support themselves with income from employment or self-employment) or employment threatened.
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Be entering an occupation where there is reasonable opportunity of achieving self sufficiency. (Example: There is a demand for the occupation and the wages the client is likely to receive will support the client and his/her dependent’s).
  • Client will commit to an action plan developed with our Employment & Training Department that shows the proposed training is and appropriate step that will lead to suitable employment.
  • If living in urban area, the client shall access their closest ASETS Agreement holder. ( Example: Oteenow Employment & Training Services, location in Edmonton).


Career Investigation Report
Resume Worksheet
Funding Application
Employment Confirmation
Job Search Tracking Sheet

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