Improving the Livelihood of Members

Social Development

Cold Lake First Nations Social Development Department provides income support services and basic training and support programming to improve the livelihood of CLFN members. Social Development is staffed with a team of four social services professionals including the Director, two Case Managers, and Administrative Assistant.

Programs and Services

Administrate Income Support from Indigenous Services:

Provide income support to those who need it on behalf of Indigenous Services Canada.

Enhanced Service Delivery (Pre-Employment Support):

Pre-employment training for members aged 18-24 that require support for child care, rental subsidies, transportation and other supports to enable access to training programming.

Assisted Living:

Home making services for the elderly, handicapped, and individuals with special needs. Two homemakers provide basic supports including cleaning, shopping, banking, and other supports as required.

Livelihood for Livelihood Program:

Provides training in soft skills to enable members to become employed including: GED, personal development, drivers training, and other supports as required.

Income Tax Support:

Support individuals with tax returns.

FASD Assessments:

Coordinate FASD assessments for clients.

AISH Applications:

Coordinate AISH application for clients.

Child Out of Parent Home:

Funding for individuals that house children on behalf of other family members.

Department Purpose

  • Assist persons living on-reserve in maintaining a basic standard of living and alleviate poverty and hardship.
  • Assist persons living on-reserve with overcoming barriers to pre-employment supports and training programs.
  • Support individuals to remain functionally independent in their home and achieve greater self-reliance.
  • Prevent dependency on income support.
  • Reduce barriers to members accessing financial supports.

Contact Us

Cold Lake First Nations Administration

P.O. Box 1769 | Cold Lake, AB | T9M 1P4
Phone: 780-594-7183 | Fax: 780-594-3577

Cold Lake First Nations Health Center

Box 8100| Cold Lake, AB | T9M 1N1
Phone: 780-594-2473
Confidential Fax: 587-840-6336

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