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As you may be aware The Nu Ch’anie Society is holding a competition to select a new logo concept.
The Society received 17 submissions to the competition from community members.

Note that this competition is simply looking for the best concept for a logo. The chosen concept design will be recreated by a professional artist to achieve a suitable logo to be used in Society materials and communications.

Please choose your favorite logo concept from the options displayed on the left and  follow the link above to place your vote.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

What is The Nu Ch’anie Society?

Created in 2018, The Nu Ch’anie Society (our culture / our way in Dene) was established for the purpose of cultural preservation and community development. Specifically, The Society is to empower community members and organizations to develop programs, facilities, and projects thorough the use of charitable or grant funding from outside agencies.  The Society will advance community priorities around promoting cultural wellbeing and self-sufficiency of Cold Lake First Nations members through activities that are beneficial to all members.


The Nu Ch’anie Society is committed to building a better future for Cold Lake First Nations that is rooted in the values of self sufficiency, independence and cultural preservation.


To shape the future through uniting the values of Yanissi (the past) with an innovative approach towards sustainable development.