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Cold Lake Housing

The Cold Lake First Nations’ (CLFN) Housing Department strives to enhance and improve the quality of on-reserve housing for CLFN members. We work to improve and sustain the Housing Program through effective collaboration and engagement with CLFN members.

With many projects continually scheduled, we stay abreast of viable building solutions to meet our members diverse needs. With over 300 homes and facilities to service, our commitment to housing construction and maintenance is a primary concern.

Building a better quality of life for our community members and their families. Contact our Housing Department to learn more.

CLFN Housing Department
PO Box 1769, Cold Lake AB T9M 1P4
Phone: 780-815-1158
Fax: 780-594-3577

Contact Us

Cold Lake First Nations Administration

P.O. Box 1769 | Cold Lake, AB | T9M 1P4
Phone: 780-594-7183 | Fax: 780-594-3577

Cold Lake First Nations Health Center

Box 8100| Cold Lake, AB | T9M 1N1
Phone: 780-594-2473
Confidential Fax: 587-840-6336

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